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The professional technicians at Apex Garage Door Services are ready to serve all residents and establishments for all their garage door needs. From garage door spring repair to garage door sales, we ensure that you will be more than satisfied with the results.


Torsion springs on your garage door lift most of its weight, and as such, it can get damaged quite frequently. If you need garage door spring replacement, it’s best to place a call with us today so we can inspect your torsion springs and make the necessary repairs.


If your garage door has a bent, broken, or busted panel, hold off on replacing your whole door for a bit. It is a more cost-effective option to have the affected panel replaced than going for a full door replacement immediately. Contact us today for expert door panel replacements.


Loose, broken, or bended cables can cause your garage door to become misaligned or be off-track. For garage door cable repair or replacement of broken or sagging cables and tracks, send us an email today.


Proper regular maintenance helps your garage door work efficiently and prevents unwanted future repairs. Trust the experts at Apex Garage Door Services to thoroughly inspect your garage doors’ components, including springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and mounting hardware. After an assessment, we will tune these parts back to condition.


As one of the main entrance points to your home and your garage, it is important that your garage door should be in perfect working condition. If it is not opening at all, it’s time to call in the technicians from Apex Garage Door Services to address any issues and install a new system if necessary.


We also do fresh installations to any house looking to have a garage door for privacy and safety. You can be assured that your garage door will be installed properly and the process is covered by insurance when you choose us.


Keep your garage safe with a keypad installation, repair, or programming. We can install and program a brand new one, fix your current keypad, or program a keypad system that you have just purchased. All of our keypad services are covered by a 90-day warranty.

Door Repair Issues

Broken Garage Springs

Broken Garage Springs

How to Measure Spring Size
The wire size is the thickness of the wire for the spring. First, you need to measure 10 and 20 coils. The 10 and 20 coils measurements are highly accurate. To measure 10 coils, insert the end of a tape measure between two coils. Then, count the 10 coil to where the 10th and 11th coils meet. Measure to the nearest 16th of an inch.


When measuring, make sure all the coils are compressed. Next, you need to measure the width of 20 coil. The 20 coil measurement is more accurate and eliminates errors. Record the 20 coils measurement. This reading should be twice as long as your 10 coils reading. If it is not, go back and re-measure.


If you have one spring that is broken and one that is still wound, you will need to measure 10 and 20 coils on the wound spring. Caution: this spring is under high tension and can cause serious injury! We would be happy to come out for free and measure the springs for you and deliver the spring size you need.


Okay, now we can find out your torsion spring size. With the 10 and 20 coil measurement, you can determine the wire size from the chart below. The dimensions are not exact but rounded to the nearest 16th of an inch. For example, 20 coils of .177 wires will measure to be 3 1/2" to the nearest 16th of an inch, but not exactly 3 1/2". Dividing 3 1/2" by 20 will give you 0.175, not 0.177.


Wire sizes .200 and .237 are no longer available. If you have springs with these sizes, call us and we will calculate replacements. It is necessary that you do the 20 coil measurement for accuracy.


Determine the Torsion Spring’s Inside Diameter
You will need a flashlight to see these. The more common inside diameters for residential doors will have “175” or “134” for 1-3/4”.


Measure the Spring’s Total Length
You have all the information you need to order a spring. Call us and we will get your new springs shipped within the day as long as you call before 3 PM EST. If you live in our service area, we will be glad to bring the spring out to you and double-check your spring size. Our same-day ASAP fee is only $15.45. Call today!


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We do not automate the ordering process to ensure that we do not send you the wrong springs!

Motor Not Working

Motor Not Working

We have dealt with many garage door opener issues and, while sometimes you need to call for help, many problems require knowing what is wrong to fix the problem yourself. We are here to help when you need us. If you call us out and it is something minor and does not require parts or labor, we will not charge you. That is the Apex way.

  1. Remote Batteries

    It may sound funny, but people forget or do not realize that the remote requires power. This can sometimes include the button on the wall.

  2. Your Photo Eyes Are Out of Alignment

    On both sides of your door are photo eyes. They pass an invisible beam that if broken, prevents the door from closing. If your door will not close, check to make sure these photo eyes are not misaligned or dirty.

  3. The Track Is Out of Alignment

    If the door track is out of alignment, it can be a serious issue. The track that your door runs on needs to be aligned for the door to move. If you see gaps between the rollers and rail or bends in the rails themselves, you have a problem.

  4. Garage Door Opens or Closes Randomly

    If you discover your door opening or closing at random times, it can be a little confusing. The first thing to check is your remotes and wall button. Make sure they are not stuck under something. You may also want to test your transmitter’s frequency. It is possible that your neighbor has the same frequency, or they operated their door when you programmed your motor.

  5. Garage Door Closes Part Way, Then Opens Again

    Garage doors are designed with a reversing safety mechanism that prevents the door from squashing objects in their path. Objects blocking the door's path can trigger this. It could be garbage cans, toys, or a buildup of debris on the tracks. This could include small items like coat hangers, mud or gum. You should reprogram your motor, following the instructions in your owner’s manual.

  6. Door Won’t Go Up

    Garage doors can be very heavy. However, it is the door springs, not the door opener, that lift the door open. Doors come with one or two torsion springs. If a spring is broken, the garage door opener will not lift the weight of the door.


    Call a professional for service as repairing springs can be very dangerous. If the springs look good and you can safely lift the door easily, you should reprogram the motor to set the force limits. You can refer to the instructions in your owner’s manual on how to change the door’s settings properly.

  7. Door Goes Down All the Way, Then Opens Again

    The most likely culprit is the open and close limit settings of your garage door motor. This tells the garage door opener how far the door should move before it is closed.


    You should also check your photo eyes if they look good (one greenish and one amber). They are lit solid all the time until they are blocked. If they are flashing, the door is out of alignment. If they are not lit, they are missed, weird or broke. If they are lit, you need to reprogram your motor

  8. Automatic Garage Door Opener Runs but Door Does Not Move

    Every garage door opener comes with a disconnect switch in case the power does not allow you to open or close the door manually. This switch is usually attached to a rope or knob that can be accidentally unhooked. Close or open the door all the way and then reattached this hook securely. Try opening or closing the door again with your transmitter afterward.

  9. Automatic Garage Door Opener Runs for a Few Seconds Then Turns Off but Door Does Not Move

    This normally happens when the door is closed and the motor is trying to lift the door but will not move. Proper inspection of your garage door will help you cross out possible issues and help you assess the next steps to take.


    First, check the springs, and if that is not the problem, check the track for obstacles. If neither of these issues exists, check to make sure your garage door does not have a built-in lock that has been engaged directly. These are very common in older doors and can be easily engaged by accident.

  10. The Garage Door Closes Quickly, Often With a Bang

    There are two possibilities here. The first is a broken tension spring that should counter the weight of the door and the second is broken cables connecting the tension spring on some doors. In either case, you should have a garage door professional service your door as these can be dangerous components to work with.

Garage Drum Replacement

Garage Drum Replacement

Garage door drums are the circular things on top of the door on each end of the torsion tube. They wind up the garage door cables like how a yo-yo winds up its string. They rarely get old and fail, but we do see some that have worn-down groves that can cause the cables to wind in properly, preventing the door from operating.


Certain garage door torsion systems will not have drums and an extension spring system, such as the Wayne Dalton Torquemaster. If your door has a similar lack of features, it’s best to consult with garage door experts and mention this information as soon as possible.


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Bent Garage Door Tracks

Bent Garage Door Tracks

The garage door tracks are the single most important part of your garage door system. If they are installed even slightly in the wrong potion to close or far, the door can periodically malfunction. The rails come in two sections: the vertical and horizontal track.


Low headroom tracks can cause serious intermittent headaches as they must be used with a garage door operator or motor. This allows the top panel to seal. We will come out and diagnose your exact issue and offer you clear upfront pricing in writing, on a good old-fashioned invoice pad.


If your track has damages, our technician will replace one section in most cases and be out of your hair in 10-20 Minutes. That is the Apex way. Fill out the form below.


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Garage Panel Replacement

Garage Panel Replacement

Garage door panels can fail due to age. When the door is up, the entire weight of the door sits on the panels, bowing them down. This can usually be fixed with a strut to reinforce the door panel but in some situations, the panel will need to be replaced


The second most common problem we see with garage door panels are the top panel where the garage door operator arm attaches to the door. This will tear if the garage door loses its programming and attempts to open or close.


Finally, we see the dreaded car bump. Sometimes, one or two panels will fix the door, but sometimes, we will need to offer you a good deal on a new door system. Our reputation is everything and a creaky door is not a great reference.


Did you know that most standard none-insulated garage doors can be installed for under $850? So please, do not overpay on a crashed door repair. Call today and experience the Apex way. Contact us now by filling out the form below.


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