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Exceptional Garage Door Spring Replacement in Westerville, OH

Garage door springs are designed to lift most of the overhead door’s weight. After years of maintaining this weight and tension, garage door springs will eventually break and leave you with a stuck garage door. When this happens, you need to call a reliable garage door company that provides you with the right solutions. At Apex Garage Door Services, we have 40 years of combined experience providing garage door spring repair to the local community. 

Would you like to schedule a garage door spring replacement in Westerville, OH? Then give our experts a call today to schedule same-day or emergency garage door service!

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We Repair All Garage Door Spring Types

There are two major garage door spring types: torsion and extension. Both types use a counterbalance system with the other garage door parts to lift and lower the overhead door. We offer both torsion spring replacement and extension spring replacement to serve the unique needs of your garage door system. 

Torsion Garage Door Springs

Torsion springs use torque or rotating force to counterbalance your garage door’s weight and cause it to move. They are typically installed horizontally above the garage door in the center of the door’s opening. Many customers choose to upgrade their garage door with a torsion spring conversion because torsion springs last up to 15,000 cycles of opening and closing your garage door. 

Extension Garage Door Springs

Extension springs are attached to the cables, expanding and retracting as the door opens and closes, also in a counterbalance system. This garage door spring type is installed on either side of your overhead door, stretching vertically. Extension springs aren’t as popular as torsion springs because they have a shorter lifespan of 10,000 cycles. 

We Specialize in Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

Whether you need garage door spring replacement or repair, our team is ready to help with expert workmanship and high-cycle replacement parts! Call us today to request more information about the cost of replacing a garage door spring or to schedule a service. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, guide you through the process, and provide exceptional garage door service. If you are in Westerville, OH, or the surrounding areas, you can count on us for all your garage door spring needs!

Common Garage Door Spring Repair Questions

If you have a 2-4 inch gap between the coils of your spring or you hear a loud snapping noise from your garage, you likely have a broken garage door spring. In this case, you’ll need a full garage door spring replacement to restore the function of your overhead door. However, if your garage door operates loudly or slowly, you may just need a maintenance appointment to restore your overhead door to its best function. 

Yes, we recommend scheduling annual garage door maintenance for springs and the entire overhead door system. Because springs are made of metal, they need regular lubrication to prevent friction and rust. Garage door maintenance also ensures you have a quiet and reliable garage door. 

With proper maintenance, garage door springs should last 8-12 years. You can extend the life of your springs by converting to a torsion spring system and scheduling annual maintenance. 


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